Holy cow y’all there’s only 16 days until my last day of work and 19 days until I fly out. I still haven’t heard anything from Disney about insurance or anything at all since my acceptance really so that’s kind of stressful but I totally have a package waiting for me and I’m pretty sure it’s my visa finally, yayyy!

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Anonymous said: Hi, i wanted to ask when you did your icp, did yummy jobs ask you when your free from to go out? The program is maximum 4months but do you just work at disney for 3months and then 1month explore if you want? Also is return flight paid for or is that only for crp? Sorry for the qs but im at uni and trying to plan when is best time for me to apply esp as unaware of summer exam dates yet.

Oh goodness okay this is going to be kind of long so I’m apologizing now.

Are you from the UK? Canada and UK participants have it slightly different as Canada has less options for start dates. When I did the program we (Canadians) only had one start date but from what I understand they’ve changed that to two and they ask you which you’d prefer, although that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get that one. I THINK the UK gets three potential start dates? They don’t ask for availability from you (ie “I’m available anytime after this specific date”) for ICP but you can totally mention the exam schedule thing and try for a later start date, they’re usually pretty understanding of that kind of thing. Start dates are generally after exam periods are over anyway.

The summer ICP is just 2-3ish months and then you have the option to travel/explore/whatever in the US for a month afterwards before you have to leave the country due to visa restrictions.

You must pay for your own return flight for ICP. I’m pretty sure they don’t provide return flights for CRP anymore either but I could be wrong about that.

As long as you’re applying for ICP and not CRP anytime is the right time to apply! It’s just during the summer so it won’t affect your schooling at all and it will seriously be the best time of your life. Go apply!

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